Loren Connors

Now is Forever (September 27, 2002)

A solo show, the first show.  Another first as it was the night when Masumi met Raymond.  From the handout: "A show of things wanting to be shared.  Personal things.  The outside poster has four characters used to represent the end of a dynasty and the beginning of a new one.  Inside, the show proper.  Views of my new apartment, lots of room to make things and dream in.  Some t-shirts painted by hand on a bored Sunday which turned out pretty neat, especially the pink one which reminds me of summer.  Chinatown up on the left, pictures of storefronts taken not that long ago yet most of the places are already gone.  A drawing of the signs, collaged and silkscreened onto a white shirt, placed on the mannikin.  From the back, pictures from a polaroid camera, some of the best memories frozen in minature.  Little books I made, not shown, but seen in a photo and video, flipped through in instants.  Drawingbooks kept up, at this time there are 104 books and shown is a copy of the hundredth book.  A bowl with fifty five flowers, because my father would have turned this age were he here to see the show.  As you leave, above the door, an image of fireworks just for you."