Loren Connors


While Loren Connors is predominantly known for his music, he is even more respected by us here at Masumi Raymond as an artist and a friend.  Through haiku poetry, pencil drawings, enlargements of smaller re-worked drawings, poetic architectural proposals for public space, succinctly edited old documentary footage set to his own music pieces, developing new music for films which he has a deep affinity, releasing his own music over thirty years ago, playing sublime piano during soundchecks, for the constant editing and re-editing of his work, for not being bound by possessions or a need for archiving, and for seeking a perfection which is each and every medium bears his distinctive and deeply beautiful sensibilities.

Over the years, we have collaborated with Loren Connors on a series of limited edition book and art projects, some of which were selected at the Tokyo Type Directors Club for design.  The collaborations thus far include the storybooks "The Little Match Girl" and "Above Him was A Star", the large scale silkscreen drawings suite "Wild Weeds", the smaller scale silkscreen folio "Wild Weeds" and the haiku box set "Winter Dawn". 

We are currently working on a small documentary film on Loren Connors which hopes to see the light of day soon.  A much shorter film excerpt was completed in 2008 but has not been publicly released.

Loren Connors Works
Wild Weeds Suite
Wild Weeds Folio
Winter Dawn
Above Him was a Star
The Little Match Girl
A Gathering (2008)
Five Cycles (2009)